Rathana Ung

Over the years, Rathana Ung has completed diverse charity work in communities across Cambodia. She played a key role in building a hospital for pregnant women in an extremely rural area, where no doctors or nurses had previously been present to assist in deliveries. Rathana Ung has also participated in building a floating school, for a village entirely constructed on the water, and has been instrumental in the development of water systems in communities where access had otherwise required miles of walking.

Rathana Ung has donated food and donations to Muslim communities across Cambodia, where discrimination against the religion has historically been prevalent. With the help of friends and family members, she has also built more than 400 homes for people whose residences otherwise consisted of shacks.

To care for herself, Rathana Ung practices yoga and pilates, both of which she performs to reduce stress and promote wellness. She strives for 10 minutes of meditation per day, which helps her to quiet her mind and stay calm. She has also taken up knitting and enjoys creating blankets, throws, and socks in different colors.